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Peepal: The Tree of Timeless Beauty

Considered the ‘Tree of Life’, the peepal tree has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. Also known as Bodhi Satva, it has a lot of benefits and medicinal properties and is used in mainstream and Ayurvedic medicine quite commonly. The leaves and bark help ease the effects of a lot of skin diseases and rashes. They also are great for correcting the complexion, reducing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes.

You can use peepal for holistic wellbeing since it works on both kapha and pitta dosha imbalances. It is beneficial and balances digestion and skin health.

Benefits of the Peepal Tree


  1. Remedies various skin diseases.

  2. Reduces and control boils, pimples and blackheads.

Bark extractions

  1. Reduces inflammation, bruises, pigmentation issues, wrinkles and dark circles.

  2. Lighten stretch marks, scars and other marks.

Beauty Remedies

  1. To remedy itching skin, eat the soft leaves of peepal. Drinking 40 ml of peepal tea is also very effective.

  2. For dry, cracked heels, apply peepal leaf extracts or the leaf sap on cracked hands and heels.

  3. To relieve eczema itching, mix 50 gm of peepal bark ash with lime and ghee to make a paste. Apply on affected areas. Drinking 40 ml of peepal bark tea regularly is also beneficial.

For more such tips on beauty and skin care, speak to a Jiva doctor today. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor’ under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
under the CONNECT tab in Jiva Health App.




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