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Pizhichil - Get freedom from pain and stress

Pizhichil is an excellent therapy for alleviating joint pain and is extremely invigorating for the body. It is good for rheumatic diseases, joint and muscular problems, neurological disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes. In this therapy, the whole body is subjected to streams of lukewarm medicated oil with simultaneous soft massage, which helps to relieve pain and stress and induce peace of mind and relaxation.


  • Excellent therapy for joint pain in rheumatic diseases

  • Beneficial in paralysis, and muscular and neurological problems

  • Delays aging and wrinkles

  • Protects from illnesses and builds up immunity

  • Beneficial in blood pressure and diabetes

  • Makes the skin soft and supple

  • Calms and relaxes the mind

  • Balances aggravated vata in the body

How is Pizhichil done

In this treatment the patient is made to lie on a wooden droni (a wooden bed specially designed for the purpose). Then, pieces of linen dipped in warm medicated oil are squeezed so that the warm oil falls in a steady stream over the patient's body. The body is massaged with the other hand simultaneously with rhythmic hand movements. The massage is very slow and light without exerting much pressure. Then the oil over the body is removed by wiping with a dry towel or giving a bath in warm water.

Pizhichil can be done alone. It can also be given after abhyanga (fullbody massage). Pizhichil takes around 45 minutes.

How does it work

Pizhichil combines the goodness of both oils and heat. When medicated oil is massaged, its healing elements are directly absorbed in the body through skin. The massage enhances the blood circulation and thus helps to balance mind and body. While heat therapy aids in relieving pain and relaxing the muscles. This treatment also helps to balance aggravated vata dosha in the body. Pizhichil also helps to release toxins from the body since it activates profound sweating. The purification of blood and improvement of blood circulation through this helps strengthen immunity and keep diseases at bay.


  • Keep your muscles relaxed during the procedure.

  • Take a light diet during the treatment.

  • Avoid heavy physical and mental exertion.

  • Rest for at least 45-60 minutes before taking bath after the massage.


Medicated Oil, Towel, Markin Cloth, Bowl, Oil Heater.

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