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Pranayama According to Body Dosha Type

The key to accurate body-mind balanced is Pranayama. An integral part of yoga, it is a conscious awareness of breath. Pranayama is the life force that both energizes and relaxes the body and mind. If Pranayama is done according to your body type (dosha), it will be much more beneficial. Choosing a breathing technique that has the opposite qualities of a particular dosha can create harmony and balance.

Pranayama for Vata: Nadi-Shodhana

One of the great techniques to balance Vata dosha is the alternate nasal breath known as Nadi-Shodhana, which is soothing, grounding, and very rhythmic.

How to Do Nadi Shodhana

  • Sit tall on a comfortable flat surface and close your eyes.

  • Close the right nostril with the right thumb and begin inhaling gently up the left nostril.

  • Close the left nostril with the right ring finger, lift the thumb and exhale down the right nostril.

  • Inhale back up with right nostril and exhale the left. Continue at a comfortable rhythm for 5 minutes

Pranayama for Pitta: Sitali Breath

Sitali breath has the ability to cool and calms the excess Pitta.So, it is perfect breathing technique, if you’re feeling irritated, angry, frustrated or notice a little acid digestion.

How to Do Sitali Breath

  • Sit erect on a comfortable, flat surface.

  • Rest your opened palms on your lap. Close your eyes.

  • Take a refreshing breath in through curled tongue between closed lips.

  • Lightly touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and exhale through your nose.

  • Repeat inhaling through the curled tongue and exhaling through the nose for five minutes.

Pranayama for Kapha - Bhastrika

Bhastrika help stimulate warmth in the body and lift the excess Kapha. Also, increase the easy flow of prana (life force) through the nadis (body’s energy channels). Bhastrika is beneficial whenever you feel lethargic, mildly congested, or demotivated.

How to Do Bhastrika

  • Sit on a comfortable surface with an erect spine and palms flat on your laps.

  • Close your eyes. Relax the jaw and facial muscles.

  • Inhale deeply through the nose and flare the ribs.

  • Exhale fully and deflate the lungs.

  • Continue this for 20-30 seconds, before returning to normal breathing.

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