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5 Ayurvedic Ways to Get Relief from Joint Pains

A wobbly knee is one of the first ailments you experience as you enter old age. Doing simple things like walking or climbing stairs becomes difficult because of the excruciating pain. This is because of osteoarthritis. Are you facing this problem of joint pain, especially around your knee? This stiffness is because of primarily two reasons. Let us look into them and see how Ayurveda can help you in this regard

  • Degeneration: It is natural for your cartilages to wear out as you grow old. The fluids in the joints dry out as well thereby affecting their lubrication. This causes difficulty in moving your bones. Degenerative arthritis can also occur due to lack of exercise and deficiency of calcium or Vitamin D.

  • Inflammation: Damages to your tissues due to injury can cause inflammation. Auto-immunity is also a cause of inflammation. This happens when the immune system of our body confuses the body parts for invading organisms. Hence, they start attacking them and damage the bone structure.

    Ayurveda and Joint pain – 5 Ayurvedic therapies that give freedom from pain


    This is a three-pronged strategy. Light food with warm fluids and adequate rest takes care of mild toxicity. Herbal decoctions cater to moderate toxicity. In case of higher levels of toxicity, Ayurveda advocates Panchakarma (5 methods of cellular bio-purification).

    Use of Herbs:

    Ayurveda recognizes a number of herbs that can provide effective relief from inflammation. One of the principal herms is Guggulu. Some of the best herbs are Yogaraja Guggulu and Simhanada Guggulu.


    There are many therapies in Ayurveda for treating joint diseases. Dhanyamladhara (pouring of warm fermented liquids), Ilakkaizhi (massage using herbal leaves) and Vasthis (enemas) are some of them. You have other therapies like Nhavarakkizhi and Ksheera Vasthi to provide relief from Sandhivata and Osteophytosis.


    Calcium deficiency is also one of the causes of arthritis. Use of medicines like Bonton granules and Shallaki capsules can also provide immediate relief from joint pain. There are several herbal decoctions or Kashayams like Rasnasaptaka Kashayam, Dhanwantara Kashayam, etc that have proved beneficial to people with osteoarthritis.


    Physical exercise is one of the best ways to restore the joint strength. Regular exercise improves the flexibility and mobility of the joints. Your muscles get stronger as well. You start to manage your weight issues thereby proving beneficial to treat joint pains. Yoga is also a very good remedy to improve flexibility.


    We have seen 5 different Ayurvedic medicines/therapies that can give complete relief from joint pain.

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