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Sleep on Your Left Side for These 5 Health Benefits

Sleep is essential for your health. During sleep, your body essential goes into a ‘repair mode’ and replaces dead cells, processes food, the lymphatic system drains toxins away and the intestines move food and waste to their proper destinations. The process of sleeping on the left side is known as Vaam Kukshi in Ayurveda. While good sleep is important, it is also important how you sleep. Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should start sleeping on your left.

Good Digestion:

The stomach and pancreas are in a natural position when you sleep on your left. This enables all the digestive enzymes and secretions to mix with the food well and improves digestion. This also enables the gallbladder to secrete bile and balance the amount of acids in the stomach.

Strong Immunity:

The lymphatic system runs through the entire body carrying fighting infections and germs. It is an essential part of your immune system. The lymphatic fluid has to be filtered and re-circulated throughout the body. Filtration happens at the spleen, which is on the left side of your body. Sleeping on your left keeps your lymphatic system healthy, and improves your immunity.

Clean Blood:

When you sleep on the left, it gets easier for blood to flow into the kidneys, where it is filtered. Sleeping on the left helps the body get rid of toxins easily. So, just by sleeping on the left you can help your body get rid of the toxins easily.

No Acid Reflux:

If you wake up frequently at night due to acid reflux, sleeping on your left will get rid of the problem. Research on the matter found that sleeping on the left is indeed more helpful for GERD patients compared to sleeping on the right.

More Energy:

This is possible due to the combined effect of your liver, pancreas and gallbladder working properly which enables the body to digest food well and generate energy. The second aspect is that it prevents sleep disrupting conditions like acid reflux, so you get good rest at night.

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