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The Correct Steps of Drinking Copper Water

Water place overnight in a copper vessel has many health benefits. In Ayurveda, this process is mentioned in many rituals such as Ushapan. To get the best benefits from Tamra Jal (copper water) you must follow the steps that are mentioned in Ayurveda. Here are the correct steps of doing Ushapan.

Step 1:

Do not eat Rajasic food for dinner. Eat light and easy to digest foods. Wash a copper jug or bottle with clean water. Fill it with 1 litre of clean potable water. You can place a few basil leaves in it if you wish. Cover the vessel and place on a high place out of reach of children or pets.

Step 2:

Wake up at the Brahm Muhurta and drink the water before brushing your teeth or going to the toilet. Sit on your bed in Sukhasan pose and drink the water in sips. If you cannot finish all the water, do not worry, start with 2 glasses and gradually increase the amount.

Step 3:

Do not sleep or rest after drinking the water. Take a walk for a few minutes or until you feel the urge to defecate or urinate. You can drink some more water and walk a little more to induce bowel movements. Go for a morning walk only after defecating.


  • The process of Ushapan is not recommended for people suffering from Diarrhoea or Dysentery.

  • Do not drink water forcefully. Start with 2 glasses of water, and do not force yourself to drink more.

  • Ayurveda recommends drinking water only when you are thirsty. Too much water may not be beneficial.

  • For best results, always store water in a pure copper vessel.

  • Do not stop the process abruptly. Gradually reduce the amount by a little every day.

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