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Steps and benefits of Tadasana

Our diet and lifestyle are at the root of all diseases irrespective of which boy organ it affects. On top of that, if you live in a city where the air and water are polluted, then the risk of disease increases many fold. As a result, the immune system becomes weaker over time and loses its ability to prevent diseases

Every person is the pursuit of happiness and good health. Material desires attract man from one to the next distractions and that leads to unhappiness and many of these materialistic pursuits are also directly associated with illnesses. Another problem with running after materialistic goals is that people often forget all about enjoying what they have and the simple joys of life.

Always remember that you can enjoy your life only when you are healthy. And to be healthy all organs and systems of the body needs to be completely disease-free. Good diet, a well-planned lifestyle and staying positive are three important aspects of staying healthy. The digestive and excretory channels can be kept healthy with specific yoga asanas such as Pawanmultasana, Halasana and Bhujangasana.

Today, we will discuss about Tadasana. While practising this yoga position, the body stays erect as a palm tree (Tad in Hindi), hence the name of the asana is Tadasana. Let us explore the benefits of this yoga asana.

Process of Tadasana

  • Keep your soles together and point the toes outward. Stand erect.

  • While inhaling, raise your arms until the shoulders are near your ears. Slowly exhale but keep your arm in the raised position.

  • Similarly raise your other arm by inhaling and when the shoulders are close to your ears, exhale, do not lower your arm.

  • Now, inhale slowly and try to stand on the balls of your feet.

  • Slowly exhale and place the soles back on the ground.

  • Repeat this process at least 5 times. Remember to inhale and exhale properly.

Benefits of Asana

  • Maintains your physical and emotional balance

  • Improves digestion

  • Improves strength in knees, thighs and calves

  • Increases capacity of the lungs

  • Helps increasing height if children

  • Helpful in reducing indigestion and constipation

  • Reduces lethargy and improves concentration

Special Precautions

Feel your body stretch, if it is too much that what you are used to, do not continue with the asana. It is always recommended to do any special yoga asana under the supervision of an expert. If you have any injury in your feet or if you are suffering from high blood pressure, do not do this asana.


Before starting this yoga, be sure to consult your doctor.

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