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What is anxiety rash? What are its symptoms, treatment and prevention?

Shivani Singh, a 28-year-old female, after losing her mother due to a chronic illness is now on the verge of having a break-up. Adding misery to this difficult situation, she noticed the skin on her arms turning red and itchy. It appeared like a hive rash. She was clueless about this sudden change in her skin appearance as she never had any allergy problem or allergic skin reaction. She consulted a doctor who diagnosed her condition as anxiety rash and prescribed a few anti-histamine pills and a topical cream to apply to the rash. She did not get any relief. Then she met an Ayurvedic doctor on the recommendation of a friend. After detailed case taking, the doctor prescribed her Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety which provided significant relief in her condition.

Like Shivani, there are 38 million Indians who suffer from anxiety disorders and anxiety rash is one of its symptoms that often go unnoticed or undiagnosed. It is generally considered a rash appearing as a result of an allergic reaction, hives, or skin condition eczema. Let us understand about anxiety rash in detail -

What is anxiety rash? What are its symptoms?

Skin, the largest organ of the body, often shows how we feel inside. If you’ve ever blushed from embarrassment, turned red from anger, or gone pale from fear, then you must have witnessed this firsthand. When our skin changes its appearance or colour due to such emotions, we should not be surprised if it changes its appearance due to chronic stress or anxiety. Like some people get acne when stressed, others develop rashes when anxious. Chronic stress or anxiety increases the sympathetic nervous system response, which releases histamine – a substance that the body usually releases to respond to any injury, inflammation, or allergic reaction. And this increased release of histamine leads to anxiety rash. Anxiety rash may appear anywhere on the body and feel itchy or irritable. They may disappear on their own or spread to other body parts or in the same area.

It can be embarrassing to deal with the situation, especially when you’re already battling with a condition like anxiety. The rashes often trigger anxiety in patients and they go in this vicious cycle of dealing with both problems. Some people try to hide anxiety rashes with make-up, lotions or clothing that may worsen the skin problem.

Anxiety rash treatment

Usually, doctors prescribe a topical treatment, anti-histamine or anti-allergic medication for anxiety rash. They provide relief in some patients while others experience flare-ups, spread, or the development of new rashes on the body parts.

Ayurveda offers root-cause based treatment for anxiety rash. An Ayurvedic doctor tries to understand your mental make-up and goes to the deeper level of your psyche as anxiety rash may affect anyone who experiences anxiety. One might be going through a stressful life event, trauma, grief, abuse, loss of a loved one, losing a job, having a break-up or divorce, exam stress, or prolonged illness. These factors have an effect on your prana vata – one of the five types of vata, located in the head region and flows inward from outside to inside. It controls inhalation, consumption, perception and the receiving of knowledge. Its imbalance weakens the nervous system and leads to increased worry, anxiety and depression. Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety addresses this imbalance of prana vata and works on increasing your sattva guna (characteristics like goodness, calmness & harmony). At Jiva, doctors offer a personalised treatment plan to each individual comprising of psychological counselling, Ayurvedic medicine for anxiety, diet and lifestyle plan. If you or your loved one is suffering from this condition, you can consult Jiva doctors on call, video call or in the clinic.

Preventive tips

  1. Practice yoga, meditation and breathing practices (pranayama) to relieve anxiety and calm your mind.
  2. Regular exercise, in particular, aerobic exercise is beneficial in elevating and stabilising mood.
  3. Listening to music helps release dopamine, which is a hormone that makes people feel good, and endorphins, hormones that can induce happy moods and relieve pain.
  4. No matter how bad you feel, eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Incorporate fresh juices and fruits into your diet.
  5. Limit your alcohol intake and caffeine consumption as they may trigger anxiety symptoms.
  6. Spend time with your loved ones and surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and positive.
  7. Express your thoughts and feelings. Write down in a diary. Count to 10 slowly when feeling anxious.

For long term solution , please consult a jiva ayurvedic doctor to get  ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy

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