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What is Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is inflammation of prostate. Urinary tract infections involve difficult, frequent or burning urination, sometimes with pain, bleeding or pus in the urine. The infection of the urinary tract may be confined to the urethra, prostate or urinary bladder. In such cases, features of systemic illness are rarely seen and the symptoms are those like that of dysuria. Ayurveda has studied such conditions under the title Mootrakruchhra which means dysuria.

How Prostatitis treatment at Jiva Ayurveda is different?

Eliminating urine is a function of Apanavayu. So disturbance of Apanvayu causes problems in urination. One such disease is Mootrakruchhra which has been classified into various types in Ayurveda. VatajMootrakruchhra (caused mainly by vitiated Vayu) is marked by severe pains in pelvic region and obstructed urination. PittajMootrakruchhra (caused mainly by vitiated Pitta) shows severe burning micturition with reddish or yellowish urine. KaphajMootrakruchhra (caused mainly by vitiated Kapha) id characterized by swelling and heaviness in pelvic region and sticky urine. SannipatikMootrakruchhra is caused by vitiation of all three Doshas and therefore have mixed characteristics.

Ayurvedic regimens for Mootrakruchhra normally prevent surgical interference in these conditions. The line of treatment involves the removal of infection with internal detoxification, cleaning and removing any blockages in the urinary tract combined with herbs to tone the kidneys and normalize the functioning of apanavayu.

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Anubhav, Alwar

Anubhav, Alwar

I had undergone surgery for kidney stone, but it recurred a year later. It was smaller than before but I was not sure surgery was the correct choice. I visited Jiva Ayurveda and with the help of herbal medicines the stone passed out. Ayurveda works well in urinary disorders, especially if you come early without waiting for the problem to become severe.


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