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3 Lessons You Can Learn from Successful Piles Treatment at Jiva

Piles (arsh) is a health condition where the veins at the lower end of the rectum get inflamed and enlarged. Straining while passing stool, eating excessively spicy foods, supressing urges, chronic constipation are some of the commonly known causes of Piles. Passing stool becomes extremely difficult. In advanced cases, the veins become too sensitive and may bleed or prolapse. In over 25 years of providing personalized treatment and care for piles patients, Jiva doctors have observed that patients who got fast and significant relief had a few things common about them. These are the three lessons that you can learn from successful Piles treatments at Jiva.

Do not ignore Piles

Getting treatment for Piles at the initial stage is more effective. If you observe discomfort in passing stool for many days in a row, or observe blood in stool, get a consultation with doctor. Ignoring the initial symptoms can gradually make the problem worse.

Do not eat the wrong kind of food

Even under treatment, some patients continued to eat spicy foods which delayed relief. Whether you are under treatment or not, if you have Piles, avoid foods that increase Vata dosha in the body. Vata increases dryness in stool and leads to constipation and worsens the problem. Do not consume Vata specific food such as dried or canned food, spicy food, and alcohol.

Do not suppress natural urges

You must not suppress your natural urges. In Ayurveda this is known as Purish Vega and is considered a cause of Piles. Suppressing natural urges leads to constipation and then while straining to evacuate tends to damage the anorectal area causing Piles.

For temporary relief in Piles you can take Sitz bath or apply a paste of milk and turmeric for external piles, but for long term relief, it is very necessary to get immediate treatment and medicines. At Jiva, we understand the exact cause of piles and provide personalized treatment, along with diet and lifestyle advices. Book a consultation with Jiva doctors for a customized treatment.

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