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5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Knee Joint Pain

The knee joint is the largest joint in our body. It is vulnerable to injury as it bears an enormous amount of pressure while providing flexible movement. When we walk, the load on our knees is equal to 1.5 times our body weight. When climbing stairs it is equal to 3-4 times our body weight. When we squat, the load on our knees increases to about 8 times our body weight! Interesting, isn’t it? But when this weight-bearing joint loses its functioning due to wear and tear, injury or strain, it causes pain, swelling and stiffness. According to Ayurveda, vata dosha is responsible for causing joint pain and other discomforts associated with it.

In case of mild to moderate pain, home remedies for knee joint pain and proper lifestyle techniques can help in soothing the pain, reducing the inflammation and balancing the vata dosha. If the pain is moderate or severe, or if symptoms persist or get worse, it is important to see a doctor to get the best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain

Read on to know about natural remedy for knee joint pain and how they can help soothe your pain and discomfort.

Home remedies for knee joint pain

Massage with Ayurvedic Oils

Massaging the knee joint and other body parts with Ayurvedic oils regularly has immense health and wellness benefits. It increases blood circulation, enhances the lubrication of joints thereby increasing mobility and strength and reduces swelling, pain and inflammation in the region. Jiva Pain Calm Oil is the best Ayurvedic product that can be used for massaging the knees as it offers the goodness of 5 effective Ayurvedic oils in one bottle.

Potali Svedan

Potali svedan is an ancient natural remedy for knee joint pain and other joints. Combining the goodness of natural ingredients like methi, sarson, haldi, and ajwain, the Jiva Pain Calm Potali uses heat therapy (svedan) to treat joint pain. The svedan can easily be done in the convenience of your home, and as long as you’re following the basic directions, you’ll start experiencing relief almost instantaneously. For best results, use with Jiva’s specially formulated Pain Calm Oil.

Ajwain or Carom Seeds

Ajwain has anti-inflammatory properties that act as a natural remedy for knee joint pain. It also contains anaesthetic properties, therefore, helps to relieve excessive knee pain during winters. Crush half a teaspoon of the seeds and add it to 2 teaspoons of warm mustard oil to make a paste. Apply the paste to your knee to alleviate pain. Alternatively, you can soak two teaspoons in water overnight and drink it in the morning; including it in your daily routine has also proved to be effective.


Ginger oil, ginger extract or raw ginger are all good for your knees. This common household natural remedy for knee joint pain is packed with a compound called gingerol, which is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps pain, stiffness and swelling. You can make ginger tea and drink it twice daily or apply the ginger paste on your knee to get relief from the pain. You can also mix dry ginger powder (sonth), ashwagandha and turmeric in equal quantities and have one teaspoon thrice daily.

Fenugreek Seeds

Soak 5 grams of fenugreek seeds in 250 ml of water overnight or at least 4 hours. Boil and reduce it to 150 ml. Filter and drink warm once or twice a day for beneficial effects on joint pain. Fenugreek removes the ama from the joints and brings it back to the colon, where it can be eliminated from the body.

Apart from these natural home remedies for knee joint pain, performing a low-impact exercise can also help. If the pain persists for a long time then consult an Ayurvedic doctor for a safe, effective and long-term result.

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