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Fibres - The Ideal Addition to Your Diet for Piles

The ideal diet for people suffering from piles should contain a variety of foods rich in fibre. That’s why most health experts will plan a diet that comprises of foods that a great source of fiber. This is because it helps treat problems related to the digestive tract, such as constipation and indigestion and facilitates smoother bowel movements. Here are the top 5 food that are rich sources of fiber, and should be included in your diet.

1) Whole grain foods:

Piles sufferers are recommended to include a lot of healthy whole grains into their diet. These grains like bran cereal, brown rice, and oatmeal have high content of fibre and thus soften the stool and help reduce the pain.

2) Fruits:

Fruits are a rich source of nutrients, fibre, minerals and vitamins that help regulate your bowel movement. Some fruits that can be eaten with their skin, like apples, raisins, grapes, and berries, are fibre rich and beneficial for piles.

3) Green leafy vegetables:

The antioxidants and nutrients present in green veggies help with digestion and strengthens the digestive system. Sprouts, carrots, cabbage, tomato, cauliflower, onions, and cucumber are some vegetables that you should eat when dealing with piles.

4) Beans:

Beans have high fibre content and are highly recommended. Kidney beans, black beans, lima, navy beans, black-eyed peas, and legumes should be included in the meal plans of a piles patient.

5) Water:

Water is not a source of fiber, but it’s essential to bringing relief from piles. It is recommended that you drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily, which will keep the bowel movements functioning smoothly.

While all this advice is great for day to day management of piles, you must consider treatment that shows results in the long term. Speak to a Jiva doctor who can prescribe a treatment that will be customised to your body’s constitution. Not only will you get short term relief from the symptoms of piles, you will be free from the condition in the long run as well.

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