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How to Control Osteoarthritis in Old Age

Osteoarthritis or Sandhivata, an Ayurvedic term, is a joint disease that affects the joints of your body. It happens due to the breakage of cartilage in your body, that helps protect your bones by providing a cushion, causing pain and swelling, which may eventually lead to immobility.

With increasing age, the chances of developing osteoarthritis increases as and when the cartilages break over a period of time. Women beyond their menopause are highly prone to getting such disease for with growing age the estrogen production within the body declines which is much required for bone growth.

While there is no cure for joint pain, with several precautions and Ayurvedic treatment, elderly people rejuvenate the damaged cartilages while preventing further joints deterioration that leads to a more comfortable and independent old age.

1. Maintaining a Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet helps maintain a reduced body weight avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on the joints. Freshly cooked meals are the best way and should ideally be consumed on a regular basis. Hot soups of lentils, Pulses etc. should be consumed with powdered ginger and black pepper while ghee and oils should be consumed in moderated amounts to keep the normal functioning of joints with proper lubrication.

2. Following an Ayurvedic Treatment:

Ayurvedic treatment, Panchkarma in particular, is highly effective for the management of joint pain. One should follow the 7 procedures laid down in the Ayurvedic treatment for a period of 7 days to 1 month depending on the condition for a natural healing. The procedures include:


A full body massage over the affected joints.

Janu Basti:

Application of specific oils over the affected joints for 30 minutes.

Upanaha or Lepa:

Application of medicated paste over the joint with a bandage wrapped around. It should be retained for 8-10 hours.


Similar to lepa, it applies fomentation by nadi sweda or patra pind sweda.


Elimination of vitiated doshas restoring equilibrium within the body.


Nourishing the degenerated parts through ingredients such as nutrients of milk and oil perfectly combined with other medicines.


Management of pain through medical cauterization.

3. Exercising:

Undertaking exercises is an important aspect for healing osteoarthritis. One should ideally involve stretching exercises and aerobics that improves the joint mobility and flexibility while reduces stress on the joint pain. It also helps in building muscle strength and weight management that ideally controls the strain on joints limiting further degeneration.

One can also follow several Yogasanas like Ardha Chakrasana, Pada Hastasana, Ustrasana, Salabhasana, and Dhanurasana that gives excellent results in pain management while providing great relief during old age.

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Management of Osteoarthritis in Old Age, How to Manage Osteoarthritis


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