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Jiva?s Ayunique Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Have you or someone you care about been recommended a knee or joint replacement procedure? You MUST read what is below before you take any decision!

You can restore the mobility in your knees and get relief from pain…naturally. With Jiva’s Ayunique™ treatment is a holistic approach that treats the root cause of osteoarthritis by combining the best of traditional Ayurveda, modern research & lifestyle counselling. It prevents further degeneration of the joints and restores mobility by addressing all aspects of the disease including, but not limited to, medicine, diet, lifestyle or psychosomatic factors. What makes this protocol unique is that it is completely customised for an individual based on his or her specific health profile. So you will never get a “cookie-cutter” treatment, i.e. one that is given to any other person diagnosed with this issue.

Ayunique™ Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Nidaan (Identifying the root cause) The doctor assesses the complete health profile and investigates the root cause of the ailment. It can be triggered by any of a number of factors such as imbalanced vata, injuries, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, weak metabolism, lifestyle diseases and more. The specific stage of OA for the patient is ascertained.

Upchar (Treatment) Treatment plan is customised based on the patient’s health status. A ‘cleanse-relieve-rejuvenate’ regimen is followed. With the help of Panchkarma, the body is cleansed, followed by Ayurvedic medicines & therapies which relieve pain. Finally, a rejuvenation treatment naturally improves mobility.

Jivananda (Lifestyle counselling) Patients are counselled on adopting Jivananda, a lifestyle regimen with simple routines and practices to sustain the healing process. They are guided to prepare their bodies and minds to stay revitalized by facilitating the energy of air (Prana) and using simple yoga postures to become supple and strong. These guidelines also help choose the dietary lifestyle appropriate to individuals’ body-types.

Come to Ayurveda early and benefit from a holistic treatment of Osteoarthritis that leaves no scars, has no side-effects and brings you long-term relief from pain! Ask about Jiva Ayunique™ today at 01294040404

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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