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Natural Options That You Must Try For Arthritis

Pain and stiffness is a constant worry for patients of Arthritis. Nature has provided us with many effective pain killers and we have compiled 5 of them here. Try these for relief in arthritic pain.


Turmeric is loaded with medicinal benefits and is an effective anti-inflammatory medicine. It has two chemicals which are curcuminoids and curumin that helps in reducing pain. This anti-inflammatory property helps in reducing pain and stiffness. If you include turmeric in your food, then we suggest you to add dried ginger and pepper; it activates turmeric and helps fight different health problems.


Flax is rich in Omega-3 and helps in improving our immune system and reduces inflammation. You can also include flax seed as a part of your diet. Take 1-2 tablespoon of seeds every day. In case, if you have bowel problem, then you can use flax oil than flax seed.

Vitamin D

In a research study, it has been found that people with arthritis has the deficiency of Vitamin D. Though there are certain restrictions on the amount of Vitamin D that one should consume, hence it is very important for a person to get sufficient amount of sunlight to prevent inflammation.


Licorice decreases inflammation and also prevents the production of enzymes that causes inflammation. It contains Glycyrrhizin, a component that reduces inflammation. You can consume licorice in form of tea or can take as a supplement. However, people with high blood pressure may experience side effects and hence should be taken in consultation with Ayurvedic practitioner.

Til Oil Massage (Sesame)

This traditional remedy has been used in Indian medicine from a very long time. Its anti-inflammatory property helps in getting relief from joint pains. You can use warm Til Oil mixed with garlic paste for relief in arthritis. Alternatively, you can also use Jiva Pain Calm Oil or Pain Calm Potali for quick relief.

If you are looking for proper treatment of arthritis through Ayurveda, consult Jiva Doctor immediately and get effective cure for all your health problems.

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Natural Ways to Treat Arthritis, Natural Remedies for Arthritis


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