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Piles Pain Making Life Difficult? Try These Remedies

Piles being a very common disease have no satisfactory treatment in allopathy, because of which people opt for surgeries. Getting operated also does not assure lifetime cure as there are chances of recurrence. Also termed as arsha by ayurvedic science, it is a condition which arises due to a weakness of the digestive system. Ayurveda recommends various natural remedies to heal the condition.

Few of them are listed below:

  • Soak anjeer (or fig), overnight and consume the same empty stomach early morning. It is a very good remedy to get relief from any kind of piles.

  • Buttermilk is also found to be very beneficial in piles. 1 glass of buttermilk with carom seeds and black salt, gives relief from discomforts caused by the pile. Buttermilk if consumed daily relieves constipation which is a major cause of piles.

  • Warm castor oil gives relief from pain and burning in hemorrhoids. It’s more effective if camphor is mixed in it.

  • Onion with curd or buttermilk is the best remedy for piles. Fiber-rich food such as lentils, radish, papaya, beans is also found to be very helpful.

  • Witch hazel also helps in reducing the irritation in the piles. It has antioxidant and astringent properties and gives a soothing effect to the hemorrhoids.

  • Avoid non- vegetarian diet during the treatment as it increases the body temperature and the condition may worsen. Vegetarian food is considered cold in nature and should be consumed fresh.

  • Aloe vera consists of anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties and is very effective in hemorrhoid treatment. Apply the fresh aloe vera gel to the anal region and gently massage it. This remedy relieves the pain and soothes the burning sensation. This fresh gel can also be frozen and applied to enhance the effect.

  • Fluid intake should be increased, as it helps in softening the stool and regularising the bowel movements and clearing them.

The above remedies are easily available, simple, natural and very effective which will reduce the pain and discomfort caused by Piles and make your life lot easier. Remember, home remedies alone will not work. To get long-term relief and best treatment talk to Jiva Doctor today.

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