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3 Reasons Why Your Joints Ache Every Morning

Can’t feel your toes in the morning after you wake up? Stiffness, numbness and pain in joints could mean one of these three things.


One of the most common ailments that affect people above the age of 40, Osteoarthritis happens when the bone ends and cartilage wear down. The spine, hops, toes and hands are affected by osteoarthritis. Increase of vata dosha in the joints is the cause of this disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis is another disease that is autoimmune and can happen to teenagers and young adults. Ayurvedic treatment and yoga is very helpful in managing osteoarthritis. If not treated in time, osteoarthritis patients may need knee replacement surgery.

Ligament or Cartilage Damage:

Torn ligament or bone damage or cartilages can also show similar symptoms of pain and discomfort. Recent or past injuries and trauma may be the reason behind damaged ligaments or cartilages. This kind of pain becomes excess when climbing stairs, running or walking on a steep surface.

Uric Acid (Gout):

Vatarakta or Gout is the result of excessive uric acid in the body. Wrong diet or kidney problem affects the amount of uric acid in the body. Usually the kidneys filter uric acid out through urinary channels, but due to kidney problem, this may accumulate around the joints of the big toe, small joints of the feet & ankles.

What you should do?

Ayurvedic treatment for these diseases give good relief. Ignoring the pain in your joints can raise the risk of surgery. For short term relief, you can use Jiva Pain Calm Balm or Pain Calm Potali. Tea made of mulethi, tulsi and turmeric is an effective anti-inflammatory tea for relief in pain. You can also drink a glass of warm golden milk. Add 1/4th spoon of turmeric to milk and drink 10-15 minutes before going to bed. Don’t wait for the problem to become serious, consult our doctor for treatment and medicines.

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