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5 Tips for Neck Pain Relief at Home

Cervical pain relief starts with getting a proper treatment for the root cause of the problem. However, in many cases at least at the initial stage there are many things that you can do at home and get a lot of relief from the stiffness and discomfort without spending lot of money or even consulting a doctor. Here we will take a look at five most commonly recommended things that you can do at home for neck pain relief.

  1. Be conscious of your condition, but do not stress upon it

More than all physical reasons combined, people who have cervical pain suffer mostly because of their mental makeup. They have a higher tendency of taking a lot of stress and being anxious about their health condition which has a negative effect on the parietal lobe in the brain which controls the body’s pain response mechanism. As they say, everything is in the mind. Some people are more likely to prolong their discomfort by constantly thinking about their pain compared to others who proactively keep their minds engaged in other fruitful activities.  Plan your day out in such a manner that you have something active to do throughout the day to keep your mind engaged and away from the probability of relapsing into worrying about health conditions. This is more important specially if you are retired and have nothing to keep yourself engaged with. There can be many ways to deal with it, and talking to your healthcare provider can help.

  1. Beyond home remedies, make Ayurveda your way of life

Ayurveda is not just a giant compendium of herbal home remedies. It is a way of life that starts with diet and expands beyond lifestyle and things like psychological make up of your mind, all of which has a direct effect on health. If you are reading this it means you are interested in Ayurvedic treatment of neck pain, but remember that in order to get very good results and to prolong the benefit of your treatment, you must start putting Ayurveda to use in your daily life, as a ‘way of living’. Wake up early and soak up the morning sun because research as provide that it is beneficial in reducing inflammation and pain in the body. Similarly practicing meditation and you go on a regular basis goes beyond just the peace and calm aspect of your mind and actually triggers the secretion of healing hormones in your brain which again gives relief to your pain and discomfort.

  1. Talk to someone

Speaking about your problems, whether physiological or psychological, Ends up giving you more benefits than you might imagine. There is a reason why support groups and stock groups exist in the West where people can go and discuss their health concerns with their peers and find out how others are dealing with them. There is a tangible benefit to being engaged in search support group activities. In India, there is a scarcity of such groups, but nevertheless you can get the benefit of speaking to an expert doctor who is willing to listen to you. At Jiva Ayurveda, doctor spend a lot of time counselling and advising patience by patiently listening to their problems in details. 

  1. Train your mind to deal with pain

Mindful meditation can help you cope with pain. Many studies have conclusively proven that meditation increases the mines tolerance against discomfort and pain. There by, developing an improved quality of perceived wellness in your mind. pain is a sensory experience that is controlled by the mind hey, which also means that if you have more control over your mind you are going to feel less pain. Meditation provides a tangible and powerful benefit in handling pain by empowering the mind to channelize the pain in a more creative way. Being conscious about the pain in your body reduces the shock and awe of sudden pain. To practice mindful meditation, you do not need to get into any special position, or be in a special place. You can do that while walking or sitting at your desk at office. While you breathe in and out gently, focus your mind on small and rather insignificant looking things that you are doing on a day to day basis which will increase mindfulness and it will help you deal with the pain in a better way.

  1. Re-design your diet plans

Diet has a very significant role in manging pain. And Ayurveda lays due stress on the matter through a holistic approach to neck pain treatments. Increase in Vata dosa increases the amount of pain in the body. Therefore, Ayurveda recommends that you restructure your diet in a way which includes fewer amount of vata-increasing food items and balance with other nutritious substitutes. If you have not started a vata-pacifying diet yet, it's time you spoke with an Ayurvedic consultant to find out the right diet plan that will suit your unique body type and pain profile.  

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