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Fight Your Back Pain with These Natural Solutions

Do you have back pain problem? Have you tried medicines and lotions to get relief from it? Does your back pain hurt when you sleep?

In most cases, back pain problem occurs in middle – age people and is more common in women than men. The pain revolves around hips and spinal area of the person and makes it difficult for him or her to manage his daily activities. The cause for back pain is not one, it may occur due to too much of physical activity, arthritis, pregnancy etc.

Here we are sharing some simple ways to control the pain:

Hot Compress:

Hot compress is one effective way to treat any kind of body pain including back pain. For this, there are hot water bags which are easily available in the market. You can massage oil on your back and use hot bag on the area. Then keep it for 20-30 minutes. It will give immense relief. You can also use uncooked rice and sock to make hot compress. Fill the sock with uncooked rice and microwave it for 1 minute. Check the heat and then put it on the area. Repeat it for 10-15 times for complete relaxation.

Cucus Grass, Milk and Sugar:

Deficiency of calcium is the cause for bone related pain. Milk is a good source of two important elements – Calcium and Vitamin D. With increasing age, our bone loses calcium and becomes weak that causes diseases like osteoporosis. You should drink milk everyday to maintain calcium deficiency in the body or you can take equal proportion of sugar and Cucus grass. Then mix it with a glass of warm milk and take it for 1-2 times in a day.

Basil, Salt and Water:

Basil is a natural pain reliever loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. To prepare this remedy, prepare a concoction with 10-12 basil leaves, pinch of salt and 1 glass of warm water. Heat it and drink this for two times in a day. This remedy can be prepared very easily at home and is immensely effective remedy.

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