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Five steps for regular bowel movements that will help you in piles

Constipation occurs when the bowel movements become less frequent or difficult. In thousands of successful Piles treatment at Jiva Ayurveda, constipation was found to be the most common cause behind Piles. Regular bowel movement and consistency of stool can help you prevent the pain in the piles.

Symptoms of constipation

Following symptoms are in constipation: - Straining during passing stool.

  • Hard, dry or pellet-like stool.

  • A sensation of incomplete bowel movement.

  • A feeling of being blocked up.

Frequent constipation causes hemorrhoids by increasing pressure in the anal region. Hemorrhoids are the dilated veins in the anal region, which can become infected or inflamed causing itching and uncomfortable feeling.

According to Ayurveda constipation occurs when the vata’s cold and dry qualities disturb the colon, which in turn inhibits the proper functioning. The treatment is to add warmth, oil, and hydration to the system to counteract the excess vata. The following tips if followed well can help in getting back normal bowel movements.

Increase water intake:

Drinking lots of water especially warm water helps in keeping the balance in vata’s cold qualities. It should be noted that it is important to drink water at least 1 hour after or 20 minutes bed before meals.

Eat plenty of fruits and fibrous food:

Fruits contain lots of fiber are very hydrating. This helps in pacifying the vata. Fibers are the major requirement for maintaining a healthy bowel function. They have a capacity to hold water, thereby increasing the stool volume.

A starch-based diet along with the goodness of fruits and vegetables is a sure cure for constipation.

Routine for bowel movements:

Establishing a daily routine for bowel movements can improve constipation. Also one should not delay the call as it leads to hardening of stool


People who suffer from constipation have a bacterial imbalance in the gut. Regular intake of probiotic food such as yogurt can improve the balance and prevent constipation.

Dried plums:

Dried plums (or sookha aloo bukhara) and plum juice is a well known natural remedy for constipation. In addition to a lot of fiber, prunes contain a natural laxative sorbitol which helps to lessen constipation.

Piles can be treated with Ayurveda, but more importantly Ayurveda can help you prevent it altogether. By following a proper diet chosen according to your constitution, you can keep your bowel movements regular. Need help with constipation? Talk to our doctors today by dialling 0129-4040404 or clicking the button below.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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