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Recommended diet for high uric acid : Dos and Don'ts

Uric acid is a very old problem. The prevalence of the disease is more common among men compared to women. The disease is also seen more commonly in people above the age of 60. An estimate puts the number of people suffering from uric acid at 1 to 4% of the general population. If you are looking for ways on how to control uric acid, you will be pleased to know that properly planned uric acid diets can help a lot. But before we dive deep into that, you must first understand more about this health problem.

What causes uric acid?

Everything we eat is processed as nutrients, and then there is the waste part. Uric acid is one of those waste products that the body produces after digesting purine-based foods. Under normal circumstances, the kidneys process these products and move them out of the body. However, because of certain reasons such as ineffective kidney functions, obesity, or some other underlying health problems, the kidneys unable to remove uric acid. As a result, this becomes accumulated in the joints as crystals. People who suffer from gout experience sharp pains because of these crystals. 

Balance is important-high or low uric acid both are unhealthy

imbalance uric acid has been associated with cardiovascular as well as cancer mortality. Research done by Kory on scientists found that high uric acid can contribute to gout, kidney stones, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic problems, and other kidney ailments. Similarly, low amount of uric acid can result in other health problems such as diabetes and oxidative stress. 

What does ayurveda say about uric acid?

The Ayurvedic perspective on uric acid, as well as diseases resulting out of it is very simple. Eyewitnesses that diet and lifestyle are the primary causes of all health problems, and this is no exception. Even with an underlying health problem, uric acid can be managed by following a proper diet and lifestyle regimen. 

How to control uric acid with diet?

Excess uric acid is found when you consume a lot of non-vegetarian products, alcohol-based beverages, or seafoods. Pulses and legumes are also not considered good for people with high uric acid. And Ayurvedic uric acid diet is planned by Doctor after thorough consultation with the patient. The safest and most recommended way to manage your diet is the first picture and Ayurvedic doctor and find out the actual root cause behind your problem. If it can be managed by changing your diet, then your doctor will recommend a customised diet plan, otherwise the treatment plan will be followed. 

Food items that you must avoid in uric acid problem

  1. All alcohol-based beverages such as vodka, whiskey, beer et cetera.
  2. All red meat, chicken, lamb, goat, and other forms.
  3. Seafood, such as selfish, shrimp, lobster, mussels, anchovies and sardines
  4. Beverages containing high amount of sugar such as soda and packaged fruit juices
  5. Ice cream, candy, fast food, packaged cereals etc 

Recommended food items in uric acid problem

  1. Low-fat milk, yoghurt etc (containing low amount of purine)
  2. Nuts, peanut butter, grains
  3. Potatoes, rice, bread etc
  4. Herbal teas and a little amount of coffee is also beneficial 

When to consult a doctor for uric acid?

In most cases uric acid can be treated and managed at home with the use of simple home remedies, however, if the amount of uric acid becomes access, it starts causing pain in the joints, as well as increases the risk of other health complications. Keep a close watch on your health status, and consult a doctor when you see new changes happening to your body.

If you have had a history of high uric acid, or someone in your close family has suffered from uric acid in the past, follow the recommended diet routines described above, and do not delay if you start experiencing pain.

Ayurveda is very effective treatment against uric acid, as well as diseases caused by excess presence of uric acid in the body. If you have been looking for natural ways on how to control uric acid, it is highly recommended to approach an ayurveda doctor for comprehensive and holistic home remedies for uric acid.

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