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What are the symptoms of cervical pain?

Cervical pain is one of the most common joint disorder problems reported by people around the world today. Irrespective of age, or genetic predisposition, cervical pain affects millions across different demographic sections and interestingly it is also the most reported joint health disorder at Jiva Ayurveda over the last 27 years besides Arthritis and Rheumatism. Ayurvedic treatment for cervical pain is very effective because it address is the root cause of the problem with the help of herbal medicines, as well as died and lifestyle recommendations after a thorough consultation done by the Jiva doctor with the patient. hey Let us begin by understanding the symptoms of cervical pain.

Common symptoms of cervical pain

 Numbness and weakness: Most patients report the feeling of numbness and their arms come our hands, legs, as well as their feet along with the feeling of weakness In their limbs.

 Mobility issues: as the disease progresses, many people also start experiencing difficulty moving around their houses. They also experience a lack of coordination in their leg and hands , which overtime becomes so extreme that they become bound to their beds.

 Abnormal reflexes: People who have cervical pain also hey find difficult to control reflexes, and most of the times it becomes completely abnormal and spasmatic. This is commonly sent in the legs and hands or are you done other parts of the body.

 Spasms in the body: Another symptom that is associated with cervical pain is sporadic spasms and different muscle groups throughout the body, primarily in the legs, back hey and hands.

 Neck stiffness: Stiffness in the neck is the most characteristic symptom of cervical pain patients. This is also associated with headaches that come and go often.

 It is important to remember that come out symptoms mentioned above are not always necessarily seen in all patients of cervical pain. And, neck pain causes can be attributed to different health problems, other than cervical pain. therefore, it's important that you consult an expert Ayurveda doctor before arriving at any conclusion regarding the pain in your neck and back.  

Primary reasons of cervical pain

 Now that we've seen the different causes behind cervical pain, it's time to examine the reasons that leads to this joint disorder problems. Please note, This list of reasons has been arrived at after analysing the diagnostic reports of patients at Jiva Ayurveda over the last 27 years. This is in no way comprehensive and indicative of all the reasons that can lead to cervical pain, however, it provides a reasonable base to understand frequent reasons behind the problem.

 Excessive wear and tear: cervical pain is often caused because of excessive wear and tear of the ligaments and joints in the neck area. This can be caused by regular activities such as lifting heavy objects , or being in a desk job for too long in one sedentary position.

 Past injury: previous injury that becomes complicated later in life has been also observed as one of the key reasons that eventually developed into cervical pain in many patients.  This may be a sports related injury or accidental injury , with varies from one patient to the next.

 Herniated discs: When the discs become herniated with age, develops cracks which leads to the leakage of synovial fluid in between the joints, creating additional pressure on the spinal nerves and cord. This pressure is also what creates the pain which is considered a key factor that is examined during cervical pain treatment at Jiva Ayurveda.

Home remedies for cervical pain

 In majority of the cases, when cervical pain becomes excess, allopathy often recommends surgery as the final option. However, Ayurveda has many home remedies for cervical pain that you can try at home and get relief from the stiffness and discomfort without spending a lot of money on medication or surgery. Here are some of the most recommended home remedies for cervical pain for you.

 Corpse pose: Frequently practicing the corpse pose, shavasana is very helpful in relaxing the muscles in the neck and back which can give you a lot of relief from the spasms and muscle tension Associated with cervical and neck pain. This is a very simple pose that can be done at any place in respective of time of the day. To practice this simply lie down supine on a flat surface and let the hands and legs be in a relaxed position beside the body. Continue to be in this position for at least 10 minutes to get the maximum benefit out of it.

 Daily massage: massage in the entire body, particularly the neck and back area with some medicated Ayurvedic oil has been recommended by Ayurvedic doctor as one of the most effective home remedies for cervical pain. Pain relief oil are easily available online, or you can make one at home by following instructions given by your ayurveda doctor.

 Vata pacifying diet: Ayurveda considers aggravation of vata dosha as the primary reason for all pains and stiffness in the body. By following a specific diet that reduces the effects of vata can be very helpful. If you have not started a personalised pain relieving diet, it is time you spoke with an Ayurveda doctor and designed your own diet regimen.

 It is also very important to understand that home remedies for cervical pain can only go so far to give you proper relief. Cervical pain treatment provided at Jiva Ayurveda takes a very holistic and personalised approach which is what you need for long term relief from cervical pain. Consult an expert doctor today by dialling 0129 4040404.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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