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How to treat joint pain using Ayurvedic medicine?

If you are looking for arthritic painkiller, the short answer is-there is no Ayurvedic painkiller! However, joint pain treatment in ayurveda is very effective and was at the root cause, which means you will get more benefit of the treatment compared to just taking painkillers which dulls the senses in your brain, and does not do anything about the actual pain that is happening. Ayurveda has been around for 5000 years, during which it has treated thousands of patient for knee pain, joint pain, muscle pain, neurological pain – and all kinds of pains. So instead of looking for an Ayurvedic painkiller, or natural remedies for knee pain treatment in ayurveda, it is advisable to get the root cause treatment of your pains for long-term relief and overall benefit in your health. Let us take a look at how you must approach ayurveda for relief in your knee pain or any other joint pain.

The Ayurvedic perspective on joint pain

in order to know how to treat joint pain using Ayurvedic medicines, it is first important to understand what ayurveda thinks of joint pain and how it approaches the treatment procedure.

According to Ayurveda, joint pain is described as Vaat Roga, meaning diseases that are caused by aggravation of Vata dosha. This is one of the 3 basic analysis in every human body, which governs the movement of blood, air, energies and impulses throughout the body. When it becomes aggravated, it blocks the movement of this essential elements, thereby causing pain. All kinds of pain, such as migraine, headache, back pain, sciatica, gout, arthritis and everything in between is caused when Vata dosha goes out of balance. Therefore the Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain is always to first restore balance, and then strengthen the body channels with the help of rejuvenating herbs and minerals. 

  1. Keep an eye on your joint health

If you are above the age of 40, and you have an experience of joint pains in the past, you must make it a habit of keeping a close watch on your joint health. Every morning when you wake up try to feel if there is any stiffness in moving your joints or pain while walking. Sometimes it can start with a tingling, or numbing sensation and escalate into a full-blown joint movement problem. If you find something that is not usual, do not delay, consult an Ayurvedic doctor for more personalised advice immediately.

  1. Start early treatment for long-term relief

A common mistake that everyone does these days, is that they wait for the problem to become really serious. By this time, the problems already becomes serious and reaches an advanced age. As a result, treating the problem becomes more complicated with every passing day. It is highly advisable that you do not wait for the problem to become serious, and speak with your doctor as soon as possible, ideally when you observe the first signs of problem.

  1. Completely follow your doctor's advice

A common gripe among patients undergoing joint pain treatment, or knee pain treatment in ayurveda is that the medicines taste bitter. It is important to remember, that medicines are not supposed to taste good, the main purpose of medicine is to heal a disorder. Therefore, train your mind to accept advice of your expert doctor, and follow all of the prices completely. This includes diet and lifestyle recommendations, as well as instructions on how to take the medicines on time. 

Stop looking for an Ayurvedic painkiller, and start the root cause joint pain treatment for long-term relief by consulting an expert doctor today.

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