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What is Gout? Causes and home treatment

One of the many forms of arthritis is, Gout. It is characterised by intense joint pain, especially in the big toe, however, can affect any other joint in the body such as ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, or fingers. The pain starts immediately, suddenly and it is very high intensity making your experience sharp pin prick like pain that can last for a few hours or for an entire day in worse cases.

Ayurvedic perspective of gout

According to Ayurveda, gout happens when the blood in the body becomes polluted with excess presence of vata dosha. Therefore the disease is also known as vatarakta, which means that the blood becomes impure with vata. Vata dosha becomes aggravated when you increase the intake of spicy, sour, salty, alkaline or heavy foods. The dosha can also become aggravated because of faulty lifestyle such as staying awake till late at night. 

Uric acid treatment in Ayurveda

Gout treatment in Ayurveda begins its first understanding the root cause behind the problem. According to Ayurveda, every human being is unique, therefore the cause of gout in one person can be completely different from and another person showing the same symptoms. Is, family history, genetic disposition, difference and lifestyles and diets-are all conservative factors to health problems such as gout. Therefore, gout remedies are suggested along with personalised gout treatment for gout pain relief only after understanding the uniqueness of the problem in that particular patient.

Causes of Gout – The modern sense perspective

Modern science explains the reason of Gout as the presence of crystals of uric acid that prick the area around the joints causing a sharp pain. The human body produces uric acid because of the food we consume. Usually, the kidney is equipped to eliminate excess amounts of uric acid that is produced by the body through the process of elimination. However, people who consume food items that have excess amount of uric acid in it such as alcoholic beverages, seafood, meat, high protein items – are more likely to produce an excess of the acid that the body cannot handle or eliminate. As a result, it starts accumulating in the body, especially around the joints forming sharp needlelike structures which are painful when it touches the joints.

Ayurvedic treatment of gout

Ayurveda gout treatment is combination of Ayurveda gout remedies, gout pain relief medicines as well as lifestyle and diet recommendations that are prescribed after a complete and thorough consultation with the patient. Ayurvedic treatment of gout can begin with simple home remedies that the patient can do at home without spending a lot of money on the medicines. To know more about that, consult an Ayurvedic doctor today. In advanced cases, an amount of uric acid has become too much to be handled by home remedies, the Ayurvedic doctor will recommend a holistic treatment plan combining uric acid treatment in Ayurveda, massage therapies, as well as other necessary interventions as deemed necessary depending upon the patient's health status and existing comorbidities. 

When to consult a doctor?

In order to get good relief in your health problems, including joint pain such as gout, the first step is to keep a close watch of your own health status on a regular basis. Every morning when you wake up, take a close look at everything and observe in anything has gone out of normal. For example, if you have never felt the pain in your legs or knee when you start walking, and then you suddenly experience it one day, take it as a sign of something that is going on behind the scenes. The underlying cause of the sudden pain can be anything from arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica or simple sprain. You cannot know until you have undergone a thorough investigation including an x-ray, and other necessary physical checkups. In case of minor problems such as simple joint pain can get rid of it by applying a little pain balm or oil, or even by applying a pain relief bandage.

However, it pain started to become excess, you will most definitely need to speak to doctor in order to get to the root of the problem, as well as receive personalised medicines for the underlying pain. 

How to get the most out of your Gout treatment?

In order to get maximum benefit from your gout remedies and other herbal medicines provided by your doctor, it is important that you follow every step and advice given by your doctor to the best of your ability. It is important to trust the knowledge and expertise of your consulting doctor and thereby committing yourself to the doctors treatment plan in order to get good relief. The next most important thing about getting relief from your gout treatment, is to complete your treatment without any break. Breaks in between your treatment usually nullifies the effect of all the healing medicines and processes that went before it. As a result, people who often break the continuity of their treatment see less or no improvement in the condition.

Started healing journey today, consult an expert Ayurveda doctor to get relief in the pain and stiffness caused by gout, arthritis, or any other joint disorder.

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