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Get Relief From Anal Fistula Through Ayurvedic Treatment

An Anal Fistula is a condition that develops due to an abnormality in the anal gland inside the human body. Infection in the anal gland causes the development of pus (abscess), which if not treated on time, can further create an abnormal tunnel near the Anus, connecting the innards of the anus to the skin of the buttocks. 

This tunnel in medical terminology is referred to as ‘Fistula’.

What is Anal Fistula as per Ayurveda?

Just like the diagnosis of any other chronic condition, Ayurveda considers the formation of the Anal Fistula a consequence of the disequilibrium in the three doshas - Vata, Pita and Kapha, to be precise, major imbalance in the Pitta (fire and water elements), causing inflammation and further accumulation of Ama (toxins) inside the body. These toxins further agitate the anal glands, making them prone to infection conditioning and Pus development and then the formation of a Fistula.


Diagnosis of Anal Fistula Through Precision Ayurveda 

As discussed above, the preliminary diagnosis considers the imbalance in the doshas. However, a certified Ayurveda Expert will further assess the following to proceed with an effective Ayurvedic treatment plan for Anal Fistula: 

Examining the Fistula: To notice the existing condition of the fistula, note for any discharges and the condition of the anal region

Nadi Pariksha (Pulse examination): a practice used to figure out the current status of the three doshas 

Detailed Medical History Analysis: To learn about the patient's past medical conditions and diet and lifestyle habits. 

What are the symptoms of Anal Fistula?

Common symptoms of Anal Fistula are as follows: 

  1. Immense pain in the anal region
  2. Swelling and redness, smelly discharge near the anus region 
  3. Pus and Blood excretion 
  4. Immense difficulty in sitting as well as difficulty in bowel movements

Best Ayurvedic Therapies For The Treatment of Anal Fistula 

A certified Ayurveda expert will ideally propose ‘Basti’ for the treatment of Anal Fistula. 

One of the five-fold in the famous Panchakarma therapy, ‘Basti’ usually involves Enemas combined with ayurvedic oils that will primarily be responsible for clearing the lower intestinal tract, detoxing the body and reducing inflammation in the affected anal area.  A certified Ayurveda doctor will also recommend strict changes in diet, including easily digestible food, that eases the bowel movement and helps keep constipation at bay. 

What are some common Ayurvedic medicines used for the treatment of Anal Fistula?   

Ayurvedic medicines are procured from nature and then prepared according to the processes mentioned in Charakh Samhita. Some common formulations include herbs such as Turmeric, Manjistha and Amalaki. These are anti-inflammatory by nature helping with relief from the pain and uneasiness caused by Anal Fistula.  

Likewise, ayurvedic ghee is also used as part of dietary regulations, helping with digestion and healing of the gastrointestinal tracts.

If you are suffering from Anal fistula and have not been able to find relief thus far, we recommend you reach out to a certified Ayurveda expert and discuss your case at the earliest. Jiva Ayurveda houses the top Ayurveda doctors in India with immense experience in the treatment of lower gastrointestinal diseases such as Anal Fistula.


To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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